Always Accepting Submissions:

Carousel Microcinema is a roaming program of time-based media based in and built for the San Diego arts community. Emerging in a central accessible location every ten weeks or so, the Carousel  Microcinema programs contemporary works alongside  historical classics in the hopes of creating or re-enforcing associations that lead to deeper appreciation of avant-garde cinema, performance video, experimental documentary, conceptual films/videos, database systems, narratives, music videos — whatever media might intersect into a diverse and engaging program. If you make tapes, films, animations, or programs, I would very much appreciate the opportunity to view your work and hopefully find a place for it in a future Carousel Microcinema program.

Occasionally, I’ll be searching for something very specific. But it’s more typical for me to just pop a DVD in the deck, watch some unknown maker’s work and fall in love with it. So please do send me your gems? Thank you!

Send to:

Carousel Microcinema

c/o Cauleen Smith

University of California, San Diego,

Department of Visual Arts

9500 Gilman Drive, 0084


Due to budget constraints, Carousel Microcinema cannot return any media that it receives. So don’t send your prints and masters! .mov files, DV tapes, or DVDs only, please? OR – you can email me a link for download at cauleen(at) Also, all artists who are programmed by the Carousel Microcinema generously loan their work free of charge. Sadly, the microcinema pays no rentals or honorariums at this time. Each artists does however receive a copy of the published program notes- and a poster.

Bring it!



  1. I want to invite you to a Twitter discussion on Microcinemas on December 8, 2010. Please follow the link, your input would be much appreciated

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