There’s not much more to say than that.

Back in FebruaryI shared a Yak Films video with the New Yorkers that came to Carousel Microcinema 5.0 @ The Kitchen, NYC.

This news  profile definitely smacks of the patronizing, the anthropological and the kind of neo-liberal condescension that drives me comletely up the wall, and brothers and sisters in OAKLAND shine nonetheless. (And I actually learned some vitals about this crew that had previously eluded me. Journalism Yea!  (Les Twins also make an appearance. Google those young men, Buster Keaton would love them.)

Here we go:


About cauleen

Cauleen Smith is a native Californian who has had the privilege of living in Austin, Texas, Boston, Massachusetts, Emeryville, and San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles in California. She finds herself now happily settled in Chicago, IL where she makes stuff with an emphasis on the moving image, sound, and outer space.
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