Last night the Carousel Microcinema had the enormous privilege of screening a program of films and videos at The Kitchen in conjunction with my (Cauleen Smith) show currently installed there: REMOTE VIEWING.

I sincerely thank The Kitchen and more specifically, Deborah Singer, Rashida Bumbray, Bob Bellerue, Justin, Neal, and Eban for making the evening perfect and special. Everything form the programs to the sound to the projection were stellar. Carousel Microcinema has never had it quite so good. The hospitality was overwhelming.

Thank you New Yorkers! for coming out to see the work. It was so great talking to the curious, rigorous and very engaged audience members who took the journey through the the Carousel Microcinema selected films and videos.

Lastly but most centrally, I wish to thank once again the fantastic artists who shared their work. Hanna, Addee, Pamela, Ishmael, Carrie, Wura,  and Lauren I absolutely adore you guys. And I depend on you for you amazing ideas, gorgeous work, and expansive humanism. Thank you for allowing me to screen you fantastic videos and films.

To Jabari Hall-Smith , Jan Joseph Stok,  Reggie Thomas, Wendy Morgan, and Ulysses Jenkins I hope I get to run into you guys some day. Your generosity overwhelms me. Thank you always for the work you do.

A shout out to Yak Films! I hope one day I’m in Oakland, or Paris and I bump into you guys making cinematic magic happen in the streets. Amazing work. Thanks for doing it.

And to the great  Sergie Parajanov, and the great Zora Neale Hurston I humbly express my gratitude that you found a way to make work that awes, inspires, endures and animates the creative world.

Thank you.


About cauleen

Cauleen Smith is a native Californian who has had the privilege of living in Austin, Texas, Boston, Massachusetts, Emeryville, and San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles in California. She finds herself now happily settled in Chicago, IL where she makes stuff with an emphasis on the moving image, sound, and outer space.
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