The Carousel is rolling to Chicago!

This summer The Carousel Microcinema will be pitching a tent for ten weeks in fabulous Chicago!

As always, the microcinema will serve as a public space laboratory for observing collisions between the past and present, the performative and the cinematic, the formal and the narrative. threewalls gallery has invited me to produce a series of events (standby for a blog that just deals with that) and given me the time and space to do it! The performances I’m making require participation, generosity and creative contributions from almost every creative community shining bright in Chicago today: jazz, graphic arts, fashion design, urban planning, theater, and film are the base  components of the project.

The practice of traditional narrative filmmaking depends upon collaboration between artisans form different disciplines. I’ve become increasingly curious about what happens when the production process becomes the thing itself (an event) rather than a means to an ends (a movie). The live street performances that I will produce should help me form a coherent hypothesis in this regard and then test it —  in the streets, ya’ll!

Because I am flying in to Chi-town to soak up their glorious summer and then flying right back out to edit together all the materials we record, I must win friends, and create allies quickly. The best way to do that, I think, is by listening and sharing. So I’m going to bring some of my favorite California film/video/new media artists with me to Chicago; and then I’m going to invite artists, media makers, musicians, poets, performers, scholars, and activists to respond, however they wish, to the work. I guess Carousel #03 broke out of the black box and now we just can’t go back!

Please check in for more details about the Carousel Microcinema #04 program, as well as the link to the new blog about ECLIPSE (the Chicago insurgent parade project). All this community based connectivity has me on the verge of tweeting, ya’ll! So send any and all advice to me on that front, because as you can surely tell, even blogging is a bit beyond my comfort zone.

Okay more later….



About cauleen

Cauleen Smith is a native Californian who has had the privilege of living in Austin, Texas, Boston, Massachusetts, Emeryville, and San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles in California. She finds herself now happily settled in Chicago, IL where she makes stuff with an emphasis on the moving image, sound, and outer space.
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