Carousel Microcinema #3 is percolating….

But as yet, it has no home. The Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe is so charming and the proprietors are a dream, but it’s too tiny. Turning people away is painful. Sadly, the Queen Bee, really did sting! We got through the screening, but a double booking is not nice. If anyone out there has any suggestions for a friendly, community based space that can handle video projection and sound, can seat about 40 folks, and will not take my money and then double book the space, would you please give me a holler? I would really prefer to stay away from downtown (simply because circling for parking seems like too much to ask of anyone who has a sincere interest in experimental film/video, yo). But I’m getting desperate and open to all suggestions. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll offer some ideas about the next installment of the Carousel. As a teaser though, I promise another eclectic mix of eclectic work gleaned from fantastic local artists, contemporary hotties re-contextualized with historical classics so that we can remember to remember what we forgot we didn’t see the first time around.

Theme #3:  Longing, magic, and the mundane.


About cauleen

Cauleen Smith is a native Californian who has had the privilege of living in Austin, Texas, Boston, Massachusetts, Emeryville, and San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles in California. She finds herself now happily settled in Chicago, IL where she makes stuff with an emphasis on the moving image, sound, and outer space.
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